Getting Started

We have designed 360 to be easy to use and understand while a comprehensive management tool for a wide variety of businesses, but we recognize it may not fit every business situation.

While working on the different capabilities, we have tried to provide flexibility to allow for as many scenarios as possible. You will notice, for example, that you can configure multiple tax lines for invoices, and assign more than one option to each tax line; like a sales tax and property tax line, while allowing multiple percentages to be used for sales tax or to create tax rates for different countries and states.

We encourage you to read the documentation and play around with the demonstration system to become familiar with all its capabilities. In case you arrive to an issue, it is probable that it has been documented here or in the forums, where you can ask questions to the community.

To get started working with our system, you first need to register, configure your system parameters and add a customer, it is that simple! But let’s get started

To read the documentation browse the left column for the topic you want to explore, we will keep information to the point, using pictures as frequent as possible.

To register just use the “Get Started” button that you will find in a few of our site’s pages, or just click here. There is also a link on the top of the screen on every page.