Company Settings :: Dashboard

The Company Settings dashboard shows your current plan, provides options to upgrade your service and display notifications and the status of configuration tasks.  This is your launchpad to setup the system to work the way you want it.

Settings Menu

Please take a minute to look and understand the navigation standards, you will find we have follow the same icon system in all sections of the site.

The Company Settings menu includes the following options:

  •  Modules. Here you can enable modules as you need them, we have provided module specific information at the end of this guide.
  • Addresses. Administration of address objects to define business, storage and billing locations.
  • Employees. Administration of users and their different access levels to the system’s features.
  • Chart of Accounts. List of account to track income, expenses and cost of goods.
  • Vehicles. Administration of trucks used for delivery of goods to customers.
  • Products & Services. Administration of categories and the item catalogue.
  • Templates. Used to store default terms and conditions for documents as well as default notification messages for the email system.
  • Carriers. Default and custom carriers to use for shipping.
  • Billing. Parameters that affect the billing system functionality, including payment methods, billing point of sales, and sales tax rules.
  •  Service System. Configuration of case categories and statuses used for customer service and support.
  • General Settings. Logging, branding, printing and contract miscellaneous configurations.
  • Logs. Master log for the system.

Your subscription level is displayed on the top left side of the dashboard under the Features tab. This section will display what is your current plan and allow you to upgrade your account in case you outgrow it. We really wish your business does well and you upgrade in the near future. If you need to use any of the modules we offer, you will need to upgrade to enable them, as modules are only available under paid accounts.

Next you will find the Payment Information form. Here you will enter your credit card information. You can operate the system without entering payment information, but you will not be able to purchase an upgrade without it. When you are ready to move forward, simply go to the Company Settings dashboard, click in Payment Information tab and fill the form.

If you have entered your payment information already and need to update it, to replace the credit card on file or change expiration date or the verification code, you will do this here as well.

Make sure that we are able to charge your credit card in US Dollars and that is always up to date. If at any point we are unable to charge your monthly fee, the system will look you out and you will not be able to operate it until the information is updated. Accounts that are locked out for lack of payments are deleted after 30 days and the information is lost.

Free accounts that are not accessed for 60 days are deleted as well!

System notifications are events that will affect your system or your access to it. We send email notifications to all active accounts as well, and keep a log of the notifications in this page. When we add new features, are planning to perform maintenance that will affect your access, or if there is any issue, we will let you know and post the information here as well.

Configuration Tasks

This list will show you the status of all configuration tasks of the system. We recommend that you complete all the tasks, but the system will work as long as all required tasks are completed. Some tasks’s status will change automatically when the system recognizes that the configuration is completed, and some you will need to mark as completed manually by clicking on the checkbox by the task name. Everybody loves green and the system is fully configured when all tasks are shown in green.